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Find the Best Dental Insurance in Kansas City

Traditional medical insurance doesn’t cover dental work, so many Americans purchase a separate dental policy. It’s important to find a plan that is within your budget and compatible with your oral care needs. We researched the best dental insurance in Kansas City so you make the right decision for your teeth, gums and bank account.

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How to choose dental insurance in Kansas City

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About 3 of every 4 Americans have dental insurance, and a majority who have coverage get it through an employer or group plan, according to the National Association of Dental Plans. Others get dental benefits through public programs.

If your employer doesn’t offer dental benefits and you don’t qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, it’s still possible to buy a plan through the private market.

The dental benefits marketplace includes both dental insurance and dental savings plans. Each reduces your out-of-pocket costs for dental services, but the similarity ends there.

Dental insurance Dental savings plan
Cost Higher; paid in monthly premiums Lower; annual or monthly fee
Who pays for services? Both you and insurance company You
Can you visit any dentist? Depends on type of plan No
Deductible Yes No
Copay/coinsurance Yes No
Annual maximum Yes No
Waiting period For some services No

A common type of dental insurance policy is a preferred provider organization (PPO) plan, in which the insurer will cover preventive services (e.g., exams, cleanings, routine X-rays) at 100 percent and basic (e.g., fillings, pain relief) and major (e.g., crowns, root canals, dentures) services at 80 percent and 50 percent, respectively.

An annual deductible will apply for basic and major services. In a PPO plan, you can visit any dentist, but the services will cost less if you stay in the insurer’s network.

Dental insurance in Kansas City can also be a health maintenance organization (HMO) plan, which costs the least but requires you stay in network, or an indemnity plan, which lets you choose any dentist but includes no network-negotiated discounts.

Before you enroll in dental insurance in Kansas City, find out if there is a waiting period for certain services. Preventive care is often available immediately, but a policy might require you to wait six months to a year before you can use other benefits.

One advantage of a dental savings plan is that it typically has no waiting periods. You get a membership by paying an annual fee, then get discounts on services at participating dentists. But members are responsible for 100 percent of the service costs.

How much is dental insurance in Kansas City?

The cost of dental insurance in Kansas City depends on whether you are insuring just yourself or others and the type of coverage you want. For an individual, a plan may range from $10 - $50 per month; for a family of four, it costs $50 - $150 per month.

Dental savings plans in Kansas City are usually cheaper than dental insurance. An individual plan can cost between $100 - $200 per year, and a family plan, $150 - $300.

When choosing dental benefits, think about your dental needs over the course of a year and how much you can afford to spend out of pocket. Make sure you understand the terms of the insurance or savings plan fully before you sign up; if you have questions, ask a company’s customer service team.

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With a dental savings plan from 1Dental.com, you can save 15 - 60 percent on services at a nationwide network of dentists. Kansas City members can start using a plan immediately, even to see specialists or for orthodontics. 1Dental.com has millions of satisfied customers across the U.S. and is used by some of the country’s largest businesses. Reviewers report significant savings on their dental bills.



Since 1999, DentalPlans.com has provided over 1 million people with dental savings plans. Kansas City residents can choose from multiple individual or family plans and start saving between 10 - 60 percent immediately. DentalPlans.com matches prices of competitors and lets you change plans anytime. Reviewers say customer service is patient answering questions and helpful with sign-up.



UnitedHealthcare, the largest health insurer in the U.S., also offers dental insurance in Kansas City. Policies come with coverage for preventive care and basic and major services, with no deductible or waiting period for exams and cleanings. Quotes are fast; you don’t need to have health insurance from UnitedHealthcare to apply. Add-on vision benefits are available. Customers like the options for different budgets.