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Building a home has many advantages over buying an existing one, including exterior and interior customization and being the first owner. We researched the best home builders in Kansas City, looking for experienced professionals with the appropriate credentials, resources and high levels of customer satisfaction.

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How to choose a home builder in Kansas City

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Kansas City is rapidly growing and expanding, and the housing market is struggling to keep up with demand. Many prospective homeowners are turning to home builders to help them design and build their dream home in their favorite neighborhood so they don’t have to compete with other buyers and settle for a less-than-perfect home.

When searching for a home builder in Kansas City, do your research. Check a home builder’s licensing, such as from the City of Kansas City or other authority, business registration with the State of Missouri and active insurance.

Read reviews from customers and ask people you know for recommendations. Set up a consultation with several different home builders in Kansas City to discuss your needs, wants and budget.

Questions to ask a home builder

Before hiring a home builder in Kansas City, ask these questions:

  • Do you have a list of references and completed project addresses in the area?
  • What types of homes do you build?
  • How much customizing can I do?
  • Who will oversee construction and be the point of contact for questions?
  • How familiar are you with local housing laws and regulations? Will you be obtaining necessary permits/inspections?
  • Will you be using subcontractors? How do you choose the subcontractors?
  • What will be the cost of the home?
  • Do you offer any financing options?
  • How long will it take to build the home? Can you accurately estimate the completion date?
  • What energy efficiency options do you offer?
  • Do you include a warranty with the new home? What are the terms?

How much does it cost to build a home in Kansas City

The cost to build a house in Kansas City can be anywhere between $100,000 to over $1 million. The cost depends on the type of home, the square footage, the level of customization and costs for materials and labor.

Experts recommend speaking to at least three contractors before hiring a home builder in Kansas City. The City of Kansas City’s City Planning and Development Department advises selecting the contractor offering the highest quality materials and workmanship at the lowest cost.

Home Builder Company Reviews


Clayton has been providing affordable, high-quality homes for over 60 years. This company offers site-built, manufactured, modular and tiny homes and has been the recipient of multiple industry awards. Customers say they had positive experiences working with Clayton, love their new homes and recommend the company to others.

Clayton Learn More