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Find the Best Medical Alert Systems in Kansas City

A medical alert system can get you help in dangerous situations. These personal response systems provide convenient and immediate support in case of a fall, heart attack or another emergency. We researched the best medical alert systems in Kansas City to keep you or a loved one safe.

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Medical Guardian
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Rates start at $29.95
  • Available in Kansas City
  • Medical alert watch
  • Companion mobile app

Help when and where you need it!

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Medical Alert
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Starting at $18.29/month
  • Available in Kansas City
  • No activation fees
  • Free equipment

In-home systems cost $27.95 to $37.95 per month; mobile systems start at $47.95 per month. Upfront programming fee is $79. Auto fall detection and mobile app available. 30-day money-back guarantee.

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  • 24/7 professional care assistance
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 1300 foot equipment range
  • Available in Kansas City

No upfront equipment cost. In-home systems start at $24.95 per month; on-the-go systems start between $36.95 and $45.95 per month. Optional fall detection and caregiver app. Smart watch devices available.

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Philips Lifeline
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Kansas City
  • 12-second average answer time
  • Lifeline-owned response center in North America
  • Pay month-to-month, no long-term contract

In-home systems cost $29.95 to $58.95 per month; mobile systems start at $49.95 per month. Upfront fees range from $79 to $99.95. Automatic fall detection and caregiver tools available.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • FDA registered company
  • Plans from $19.95/month
  • Available in Kansas City
  • No long-term contracts

In-home systems start between $19.95 and $54.95 per month; mobile systems start between $39.95 and $41.95 per month. No equipment costs or activation fees. Optional fall detection, waterproof wall buttons and lockboxes.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Referral benefits
  • Self setup
  • Plans starting at $25.95/month
  • Available in Kansas City

In-home systems start between $32.95 to $44.95 per month; mobile systems start between $37.95 and $44.95 per month. Upfront costs vary by equipment and package. Optional fall detection and lockboxes.

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How to choose a medical alert system in Kansas City

Kansas City skyline

By 2030, it’s expected that Kansas City’s elderly population, which is the largest demographic that requires emergency medical assistance, will double to 372,000—a 107 percent increase from 2007. Prairie Village, Westwood and Leawood are some of the top neighborhoods for retirees in Kansas City.

Outside of the aging population, disabled persons of all ages can also benefit from a medical alert system. A medical alert system in Kansas City could be a good option if you or a loved one have:

  • Physical disabilities
  • A history of falling
  • A history of confusion or getting lost
  • Stairs in your home
  • Pets in your home

Medical alert systems can also be used as a temporary safeguard for pregnant women or those recovering from surgery. Ultimately, a medical alert system provides safety and assurance for those who want to live independently at home.

When choosing a medical alert system in Kansas City, users can opt for a home-based system or one with mobile systems. A home option connects to your landline or cellular network and operates through a base unit in your home. Mobile systems give you the ability to travel with the device (on lanyard or bracelet) and use GPS and cellular technology to locate you. When activated, typically by pushing a button, the device connects you to family, caregivers or emergency assistance.

In most cases, users rent the medical alert equipment from the provider, which requires a monthly, semi-annual or annual payment. With 24/7 monitored systems, there is typically a monthly or quarterly fee, whereas unmonitored systems, which call your emergency contacts rather than a dispatcher, usually only require one upfront payment. In addition to system type, you may also incur installation and cancellation fees, depending on the product.

If you have specific needs, you can pay for additional features such as:

  • Fall detection
  • Waterproof technology
  • Daily check-ins
  • Fitness tracking
  • Medical monitoring
  • Accessories (lockboxes, belt clips, etc.)
  • Professional installation

For those who cannot afford a medical alert system in Kansas City, there may be government discounts, rebates or insurance coverage. Some long-term care insurance or Medicare Advantage plans can subsidize the cost, but Medicare and most insurance providers do not. If you are a senior veteran, you may be covered as well.

Kansas City Medical Alert Systems Reviews

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian customizes your medical alert system to fit your lifestyle, whether it’s on-the-go or at home. Its simple three-step activation process has you protected almost immediately and requires no professional installation. Reviewers in the Kansas City area appreciate Medical Guardian’s rapid response and the device’s long battery life.

Medical Guardian Learn More (800) 863-6980

Medical Alert

Reviewers state that Medical Alert’s clear instructions and easy set-up are its two best features. It offers one monthly price with its home and on-the-go products that can be paid monthly, semi-annually or annually. New travel wrist and neck devices are modern and lightweight, and don’t stand out like other company’s products.

Medical Alert Learn More (800) 800-9561


With no activation or equipment fees, plus a lifetime subscriber price guarantee, LifeFone is a great deal for medical alert equipment. As an added financial benefit, spouses are protected for free with its basic service. Its base home unit reaches up to 1,300 feet and comes with a lifetime warranty.

LifeFone Learn More (989) 625-1423

Philips Lifeline

Active seniors love the customized response plans, automatic fall detection and two-way voice communication available with the GoSafe and HomeSafe devices by Philips Lifeline. With devices built to meet a variety of needs, even medication dispensing, the company makes sure you're covered at all times. Founded in 1974, Philips was the first company to provide medical alert devices to consumers.

Philips Lifeline


Each LifeStation system, which can reach up to 500 feet, automatically checks into the LifeStation monitoring center each week to ensure it’s working properly. LifeStation costs less than $1 a day, and monthly costs will never change for current customers. Each care specialist who handles calls goes through six weeks of intensive classroom training and an apprenticeship program.

LifeStation Learn More (866) 235-1920